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When drillers frack each other

During a frack hit, a company inadvertently ends up fracking a nearby, often older well owned by someone else. This is a problem because fracking happens at immense pressures — 10,000 psi. Oil wells constructed in the 1980s or even a century earlier are unable to cope with such immense pressures. In Canada The first inkling Alberta regulators […]

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Death on the gas field illustrates high risks of the rush to drill

Buckhannon, West Virginia: The ground was like a sponge and the men’s legs sank, in places up to their calves. A rumble of diesel engines filled the air. Then, there was a cry: “Back! Go back!” Charles “C.J.” Bevins, a 23-year-old roughneck, was pinned against a trailer by a forklift. The vehicle was partially sunk into […]

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