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Part 4: Exposing a small part of a forest to the ‘threatening’ heat of 2100

EL YUNQUE RAINFOREST, Puerto Rico — Yellow cables marked “danger” carry 480 volts of electricity through the rainforest. The cables reach into a circular metal scaffold that holds six large space heaters. The heaters, pointed at the forest floor, are not working. At the control center building half a mile away, Tana Wood, a biologist […]

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Part 3: Fires rapidly claim more forests and peatland in the Arctic

HOARFROST RIVER, Canada — Burning taiga changed everything for the Olesens on July 4, 2014. David and Kristen Olesen, their two daughters, and 44 sled dogs lived at a homestead at the edge of the boreal forest on a sandy peninsula at a spot where the Hoarfrost River meets the Great Slave Lake near the […]

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Part 2: Runaway global warming becomes a concern as permafrost melts

GOOSE LAKE, Northwest Territories — In a fragile landscape where footsteps leave an imprint for years, Jennifer Baltzer stood and surveyed the surrounding bog of green sphagnum moss. Black spruce trees tilted here and there like drunkards. Using a metal rod, Baltzer, an ecologist with Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, pierced the ground near […]

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